Multi-Modal Transportation



America’s Central Port has the premiere location and facilities within the St. Louis Metropolitan Harbor. Nearly 80 million tons of product are shipped through the Port’s Granite City Harbor facility located on the Chain of Rocks Canal each year. Port operators transload over 2,500 barges and more than 2.5 million tons of fertilizer, steel, agricultural commodities, and petroleum products each year. The estimated value of these goods exceeds $1.1 billion.

America’s Central Port is the most northerly ice-free port on the Mississippi River, and Locks #27 at the south end of the Port’s property is the last lock on the Mississippi River. The river is free-flowing past this point, making the Port’s new Madison Harbor, the river’s most northerly lock-free port.

Both the Granite City Harbor and the Madison Harbor provide the benefit of dry-bulk terminals. The facilities handle in excess of 2 million tons of grain and grain by-products annually. Grain is received by truck and rail and is shipped out via river barge. Soybeans and corn gluten are currently the two most common grains.

The General Cargo Docks can handle all items that are not otherwise handled at the dry or liquid terminal facilities. Commodities frequently handled include steel coils, metals, and fertilizer. Each harbor is designed to easily accommodate and handle packaged, paletized, or containerized goods.

The Granite City Harbor also features has a liquid bulk terminal. Asphalt oil is the primary product transloaded at the Granite City liquid terminal, but it is designed to handle other liquid products as well.

SCF Lewis and Clark Marine provides 24-hour switching services at both the Granite City and Madison Harbors.



With over 20 miles of rail track, much of which is looped and ready to accept unit trains for both processing and storage, America’s Central Port has access to six North American Class I rail carriers through its connection with the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA).

Additionally, the Port Harbor Railroad (PHRR), a Class III shortline railroad, provides the Port with 24-hour local switching and connections to TRRA and the Class I carriers. Several locomotives are stationed on-site to accommodate a growing number of tenants that require on-demand services. On-site transloading and multi-modal switching at both of the Port’s harbors provide endless transportunities to growing tenants as well.



America’s Central Port is strategically located in southwestern Illinois, just minutes from downtown St. Louis, Missouri. An adjacent 4-lane limited access highway (Illinois Route 3) provides immediate road access to Interstates 70, 64, 44 and 55, as well as the St. Louis outer belt (Interstates 270 and 255).

The Port is consistently upgrading and constructing new roadway infrastructure within its industrial park to ensure that its tenants have the access they need to grow their business and stay competitive in this global market.


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